At BLAIRE we are not focused on conformities such as trends, age or seasons. Most importantly, we want to make women feel good, chic and comfortable. Our capes fit any season, any occasion, any style – any woman.

BLAIRE was founded in 2017 by Stine Hasselsteen Thomsen, but the idea sprung years before that. Stine had just moved to Singapore, and in that process she had to only pack the essentials. But even though she was moving to the hot and humid tropical climate, she couldn’t leave her beloved cape behind. She had found it second hand, and it was her best piece in her wardrobe. It made her wonder, what was so great about this cape?

"First of all, it made me feel chic and comfortable at the same time. And it was so versatile; I’ve worn it over a dress for my friend’s wedding, at the office over a white shirt, in the summer house with soft jeans and wellies, in the summer as a light jacket, in the winter over a leather jacket or as a cardigan – it just fit every occasion.”

As Stine struggled to find something similar on the internet, she came up with the idea of making her very own cape collection. And with that BLAIRE was born.

Our capes are the unique supplement to your basic wardrobe, and therefore we only produce a very limited number of each BLAIRE cape.  

Welcome - we hope you will enjoy your BLAIRE


Stine Hasselsteen Thomsen, founder of BLAIRE

Stine Hasselsteen Thomsen, founder of BLAIRE